DJI Inspire 2



The DJI Inspire 2 is a professional-grade drone designed for aerial cinematography and photography enthusiasts. It is a powerful and versatile drone that offers exceptional performance and cutting-edge features. With its sleek and robust design, the Inspire 2 boasts a magnesium-aluminum alloy body that ensures durability and stability during flights. The drone is equipped with advanced flight control systems, including a dual-battery setup that provides extended flight times of up to 27 minutes and a maximum speed of 58 miles per hour. The Inspire 2 also features a 360-degree rotating gimbal that enables smooth and steady footage capture even in challenging conditions.

One of the standout features of the DJI Inspire 2 is its exceptional camera capabilities. The drone is compatible with the Zenmuse X4S and X5S cameras, which offer superb image quality and flexibility for professional filmmakers and photographers. The X5S camera, in particular, supports interchangeable lenses, providing users with a wide range of creative options. The Inspire 2 also supports recording in various formats, including CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes, allowing for high-quality and post-production-ready footage. With its advanced image processing system and obstacle detection technology, the Inspire 2 ensures that every shot is captured with remarkable clarity and precision, making it a top choice for professionals in the aerial imaging industry.

Due to its weight of 3440 grams, the Inspire 2 is currently restricted to flying in the A3 subcategory (Flying far from people) or the Specific category Being restricted to the A3 Subcategory means that the drone must only be flown 150 meters away from built-up residential, recreational, or commercial areas, 50 meters away from uninvolved people, and must not be flown over uninvolved people.


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